Consider a city part 1

Today we are going to continue were we left of, with a city or town, full of rooms whom, trough complex norms of rules and social contracts are considered homes. Homes that may become more or less yours.

This tough, is not the only thing that makes up a city, far from it. Tough despite the fact that these buildings make up so much of the actually city, their use and significance are rarely considered. Even less the apartments and lives within.

But leaving the apartment buildings behind, what else do we see? Houses yes, several, besides homes there are offices, stores, public buildings of different kinds, as well as industries and industrial complexes, we will return to these later.

For now, let us examine what lays in between these houses. Roads, paths and pavements. The grow, they shrink, they collide and they split up. They lead us towards our destinations, or away from them. At night from above they spread out like glowing spider webs, like blood vessels they pump the traffic trough the organism that is a city, and like so many things we will discuss in this first series, they are simple, accepted, and almost invisible to us.

But what is a street? An area, or several, designated for transportation by car, bike, foot etc. The speed, direction and phase, all dictated by abstract symbols and lights. These lines, and dots and arrows are each a message a symbol of a shared contract.

On these roads, wish are predesignated by social and juridical norms we travel. We might walk on them, we might travel by bike or moped. We might travel by some short of automobile. This journey might be spacealy shared in a buss, in a car, or by ourselves. Going towards something, going from something. But always with a goal, regardless if this goal is planed or not. But in all these occasions we are separate, on our own world, only these two places matter, and in a way only them exist. On our way there other travelers can seem like mere objects.

For example, you are in a car. You are traveling from your home to your job. It is raining and cold outside, so you have your AC on. The radio plays the morning news. The car smells of home, and of you. This is your car, a several ton heavy machine, speeding along towards someplace else. But its not just a car, its your care, and its not just any destination, its yours.

Now consider the cars around you, imagine them with the same familiarity, as well as their goals, and starting point. Continue with everyone on the same street, the same road, everyone from walking, to sitting half asleep on a bus. Continue to spread out trough your city or town, the road full of, no longer traffic, but individuals, all from a starting point, to a goal, tough not all of them planned.

Consider a city, as we consider the roads of said city.

Author: SamRandom

But a figment of the internet.

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