Consider a city, part 2

We continue by examining other buildings of our city, the buildings in witch we do no not live, but yet spend much of our time. These would be the buildings of profession, either of ours, or of those needed for our lives and well being.

Let us begin with the prior. This is our location of business, note that for some this is also our home, tough for most it is not. Here we preform a service or produce a product for consumption. Services can range from selling to repairing, and selling can range from physical items such as food and toys to abstract consents such as stocks and insurance.

You might or might not enjoy this work. Tough for the process of these text, all these facts are secondary. The main point is that you have an occupation, in witch you spend a set amount of time. For the time and effort you are compensated a monetary sum, witch you can buy goods an services from the second category of buildings.

These transactions will inevitably be handled by another individual, currently at their job. For the time and effort of handling your monetary transaction, they to will be compensated.

After a sett number of transaction this individual will be able to make a purchase of their own, and the monetary flow stretches out, flown and intertwine trough out our city. This transactional chain does not stop in our town of course, but rather sprawls out in the world, as said worlds transactions sprawl back in.

In this way our imaginary is not only interconnected trough the physical lines of traffic, but through the metaphysical means of the exchange of goods and services.

Lastly there is one more group of buildings I would like to take up. These are the buildings of government and services. In some cases funded by public means, in other word the citizens of said city, or privately. In this category do I put everything from police, to libraries and garbage collection. These are here due to, the are in their very core to more or less mean to serve the public.

Note that these buildings are also where individuals works, and is so part of the previously mentioned loop. Even tough some of these buildings (in some areas), have a need to stay profitable, this is not their main goal. Their goal is instead to provided the services needed for other to make a profit. See them as a baring support for your city, witch the rest of the cit is built around.

Here is where I will conclude my contemplations of a city for now. My hope is that you will no see your city or town as a collection of blocks and stretches of land. But rather a collection of homes, all of them unique in their own way. That you will see workspace, where people like yourself work to meet similar ends. Roads full of individuals, as well as people and work of numerous services, making it all possible.

My hope is that you will look out upon your city or town and see . . .

something more.

Author: SamRandom

But a figment of the internet.

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