Apartment blocks

Have you ever considered an apartment block? the cube of glass, stone maybe wood that makes up so many towns, that so many people do and don’t call their home.

First of all is a physical thing. Big, imposing a brick. Man made, yet it seems almost natural, like a hill, or groups of threes. This is how we usually see apartment buildings, or at least, the once we never enter.

But if we were to enter one, the become tangible, more real. It has an inside, we already knew that said inside exists. But now its more comprehensible for us. A hallway, a staircase or elevator, and of course the apartment itself.

The apartment, as in the set of rooms that we, or someone we know calls home is now a set point to us. The space become a tangle entity to us as we enter it, as we see, smell and feel it. The things in there, their concepts as well as the memories of these things, creates, together with the room they occupies, a home.

Tough this apartment is not the only one on this floor. There are others, try and imagine them, just as real. Try and give then the same sense of physicality as the one you know. The same reality.

Now lets go on to the same procedure on the next floors of said house. Not anymore a block of concrete, but a labyrinth of rooms, objects and consents that make up several individuals ideas of their own personal home.

Now stretch your view over out the window, trough the several, maybe hundreds of similar apartment blocks outside. Al of them full of personal universes, coinciding without any conscious awareness of each other. Al of them identical in purpose, yet, all of them unique.

Have you considered an apartment block?